(Video) Turbos: High Quality Vs Low Quality Core

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Here at DieselCore, we’re always looking for good core such as injectors, turbos, and ECMs. Today, we’re going to look at a turbo core to determine if it’s in acceptable condition.

High Quality Turbo Core

We are going to examine a Holset He351Ve VGT turbo core. When looking at a turbo core, there are several things we consider when grading them. A high quality turbo core has undamaged and unchipped blades and the shaft spins freely with no end play. Some turbos also have an actuator. When examining a turbo core, you should also look for fire or heat damage. Turbocharger core that is burned is not acceptable.

  • Undamaged blades
  • Unbroken shaft
  • Has an actuator (if applicable)
  • No fire or heat damage

Low Quality Turbo Core

A lower quality turbo core will be broken, missing pieces, seized, or have excess damage. If the shaft is broken or locked (the fan won’t spin), then the turbo core is lower quality and could have a pricing deduction. For some Holset turbos, a missing actuator equals lower quality. Any damage such as fire or heat damage or compressor housing damage will also lower the quality and could face a pricing deduction.

  • Broken in half or in pieces
  • Broken shaft
  • Fire or heat damage
  • Locked shaft (fan won’t spin)
  • Missing actuator (Cummins)
  • Compressor housing damage

High Quality vs Low Quality Automotive Core

After examining your turbocharger core, is it considered high or low quality? Is it acceptable? Take a look at the criteria and see if you can figure out that answer. 

If you have turbocharger cores to sell, we’re always looking to buy. Please make sure to pack your core carefully so that it is protected from further damage during shipping. Remember: Good core is worth more!

If you would like to send us your core, please check out our website, DieselCore.com, for our latest buy sheet.

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