How It Works

DieselCore uses what we call a, "reverse shopping cart". We list all the core we're buying. You put the core you have to sell in your cart, proceed to the checkout, and we pay YOU.

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First, Register an Account

Before you can add core to your cart, you'll need to register an account and log in. Since we're in the business of paying you big bucks for your diesel core, we'll ask you for a little more information at the registration. The up side is after you've registered you don't have to provide your details every time you want to make a new purchase order. You can focus on selling your material faster and getting paid.

Create Your Purchase Order

Now that you're logged in to your account, you can browse or search the list of diesel core we're buying. All of the listed prices are for good core without any major damage. DieselCore may still buy core with damage, but pricing and eligibility are subject to the severity and type of damage. For more information on core damage, check the, "core criteria" section on each core page. Add the core you have to sell to your cart and checkout to create your purchase order (PO). Go through the checkout process and select your payment method.


Send Us Your Core

You will be given a purchase order (PO) number and sent an email containing information about your purchase order along with a printable copy. Print out your purchase order copy and make sure to include one copy per each box you ship us. Include your name, address, and purchase order number on each box. We highly encourage you to take photos of your core, the box(es) and your tracking number(s) and upload them to your order from your account's order page. Having photos of the shipment expedites the process to get you paid quicker.


Get Paid by Check

Congratulations! You will receive a check in the mail after we receive, process, and check in all of the material in your purchase order.

Please note: we will mail your check to the address we have on file in your account.

Get Paid by PayPal

Congratulations! You will be eligible for payment very soon! You can check on your payment eligibility any time by navigating to your account and selecting the purchase order you want to view.

There is one additional step you must complete before you can be paid. Navigate to your account in the web site and find your purchase order. Use the form to submit the tracking number(s) for each box you are sending to DieselCore for this purchase order. When you are finished providing us your tracking numbers, check the field indicating you are finished.

Please note: If you want to be paid quickly via PayPal you will need to verify the phone number you provided us during registration. You can verify your phone number in your account dashboard.


It's just that easy.

Still have more questions? Check out the frequently asked questions page.

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