Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

How does online core buying work?

It's pretty similar to any other e-commerce transaction you've ever done before — just in reverse. DieselCore is proud to have pioneered the unique automated online core buying in the industry.

Please see the How It Works page for a full breakdown of how you can start selling your diesel core to DieselCore for cold hard cash.

Who pays for shipping?

Almost all of our smaller purchase orders (such as POs created through require the supplier (you) to be responsible for arranging shipping and handling any custom costs that you may incur (for countries other than the United States). In certain cases where you may be sending a large quantity of core (LTL, etc) you may contact us to discuss shipping options.

How do you handle damages and deductions?

DieselCore lets you put your core in your cart regardless of damage. However, we encourage you to check the 'Core Criteria' tab on each core page to see how DieselCore handles various damages for the specific core you are selling.

For check orders we will wait to receive your material and evaluate it for damages. Our purchasing team will be in contact with you to inform you of any reduced pricing equivilant to the severity of the damage to the core items. Check out our core criteria for more information on how DieselCore handles core damage.

Why can't I choose to get paid with PayPal?

DieselCore reserves PayPal payments for suppliers who verify ownership of the phone number associated with their account and supply a valid PayPal email address. In some cases there may be a temporary delay on granting your account PayPal payment access. You can verify your phone number and ensure you have a PayPal email in your account.

Why can't I change my PayPal email?

You can only set your PayPal email address once - either on initial registration or in your account if it wasn't already supplied. If you wish to change your PayPal email please contact our web support department and request the change directly.

I never received my account verification email after registering, what do I do?

After registering you will receive an email containing a special link which you can use to verify ownership of your email address. It may take a couple of minutes to receive the email, but usually it arrives within a few seconds. If you do not see an email from DieselCore prompting you to verify your account, please check your junk/spam folder.

If you still did not receive an email you can contact our web support department and ask to receive another verification email.

My tracking number says my package arrived at your facility. When can I expect payment?

Due to the high quantity of core DieselCore acquires it is not uncommon for us to receive material at our facility which creates a queue in our check-in process. We typically ask our suppliers to give us a couple of days to process their material so we can properly identify core and issue payment.

Suppliers who choose to be paid via PayPal can expect to receive money in their account quicker than being cut and mailed a physical check.

Where do I submit my tracking number?

Submitting tracking is only necessary if your purchase order was created with PayPal for the payment terms.

You can locate your purchase order in the order history section of your account. Click into your purchase order and you will see a tracking submission form if your purchase order can accept tracking information. Insert your tracking number(s) and indicate you are finished submitting tracking numbers via the form.

I accidentally entered the wrong shipping carrier for my purchase order's tracking number. How can I fix this?

Once your tracking number has been entered you will not be able to change anything for that tracking number. You will need to contact us, tell us what the mistake was and ask us to correct this on our side.

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