(Video) Pumps: High Quality Vs Low Quality Core

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Did you know that Bosch CP3 pumps are used by many different manufacturers? Since these pumps are so widely used, we’re always looking for good pump core. To determine whether or not the pump core is high or low quality, let’s look at a Bosch CP3 pump.

High Quality Fuel Pump Core

High quality Bosch CP3 pump core must have shafts that spin. The FCA sensor should also be good on pumps to be considered high quality. The pump core should be free from burn or heat damage as well as physical damage. When looking at the pump core, it should also not have damage to the mating surfaces.

Low Quality Fuel Pump Core

How do you know if a pump core is lower quality? Here are a few signs: extreme rust and missing components such as freeze plugs. Pump core with missing freeze plugs could signal internal damage, which makes it low quality core. See the video above for more info. 

Sell Us Your Automotive Core

Now that you know what to look for, are you ready to send us your pump core? If you have core to sell, we’re always looking to buy so check out our website, DieselCore.com, for the latest buy sheet.

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