(Video) ECM: High Quality Vs Low Quality Core

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Did you know that Detroit Diesel DDEC IV ECMs are the brains to a diesel engine? They are very important components and can be reused in a variety of applications. Because of this, we’re always looking for good ECM core.

How do you know if your ECM core is good? Let’s look at some ECMs to figure that out.

High Quality ECM Core

Today, we’re going to look at a Detroit Diesel DDEC IV ECM core. Let’s start off by looking at the exterior of this ECM for any scratches or damages. If there are little to none, then you’re in good shape. A high quality ECM also has good connectors and has all the bolts intact.

Low Quality ECM Core

There are a number of reasons why ECM core may be considered lower quality. It can have bad connectors or a dented case. The ECM is in even worse shape if the case has been burned or has holes in it. The ECM core is also lower quality if it is missing any bolts. This could indicate that someone has tampered with the ECM.

Get Cash for Your ECM Core

Is your ECM core considered high quality or low quality? Look at your ECM core and compare it to the different things we looked at earlier. If you have core to sell, we’re always looking to buy. Check out our website, DieselCore.com, for our latest buy sheet.

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